August Newsletter

Hello All,

Happy Back-to-School time! My first comment goes out to all my students. When you are picking up school supplies, get yourself a notebook that you will use for flute. I have been using a practice notebook for YEARS and I still find it very valuable.

The start of orchestra season is just around the corner, so I hope you will check out the performance page for concert information. Don’t forget I can usually get tickets for you and you family to attend theses concerts FOR FREE.

I have enjoyed my summer with a nice mix of practicing, home and garden projects, reading, and BASEBALL. It looks like my NATS (fingers crossed) are finally turning things around.

In the garden, I have finished a shade garden project. So nice to have a spot to go to and not feel like a prisoner of the air conditioning. I have two nice books I can recommend. One is “Mozart’s Starling” by Lyanda Lynn Haupt and the other is “Central Park Love Song…..Wandering Beneath the Heaventrees” by Stephen Wolf. Both are perfect reads for the last little bit of summer.

Scott and I did not get a chance to take any summer vacation this year, but perhaps in the fall. Looks like a trip to New York might be possible.

I am looking forward to a great new season with both the Atlantic Classical Orchestra AND the Brevard Symphony Orchestra! Lots of wonderful music on tap. Again, please always be checking the performance page.

I know all my students are excited as well, with the start of another incredible school year. Always remember our studio motto:

“Work Hard, Be Nice”


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