August Newsletter

August Newsletter

Dear Family, Friends and Colleagues,

This summer was a particularly rich and rewarding one. At the end of the orchestra season, Scott and I made a quick trip to Boston where we took in a game at Fenway and attended a concert at Symphony Hall. We also were lucky enough to see one of the most beautiful exhibitions I have ever seen, “Matisse in the Studio” at the MFA.

The new show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, “Pixar Live, a Symphony of Characters” has been a joy to be part of. That has kept me quite busy over the summer. If you are interested you can see a show that was live streamed on June 29th by Disney and is now on You Tube. (Be sure to get the June 29th show. There are lots of others but that one was produced by Disney and is of a much higher quality). I happened to be playing that night so some of my family and friends in other parts of the country actually got to see the show live!

I am starting to get pretty excited about the upcoming seasons for both the Brevard Symphony and the Atlantic Classical Orchestra. I will go into more detail about that in my September newsletter.

This and That, (a general accounting of what I am doing besides the teaching and playing). Lately I have been thinking a lot about thinking and about how the lack of it, and even the ability to do it is becoming a serious societal problem. I would highly recommend “Into the Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to our Brains” by Nicholas Carr. Along these same lines, “Deep Work” by Cal Newport.

On a lighter note, I am desperately trying to keep my herb garden alive through the summer heat. I am hoping to be able to have a few more Caprese Salads before summers end!

Students and Parents,

Even though I have lived in Florida since 1985, I still can’t get my head around August as the “Back to School” month. Growing up on Long Island, the Wednesday after Labor Day was ALWAYS our first day of school. But whether it starts in August or September “Back to School” is a great re-set time for students and parents.

The August Lesson schedule remains challenging. I know a lot of my students have marching band camps, and I am still playing the Pixar show. Please check the Studio Calendar section of my web site to find the most up to date studio teaching times.

As you shop for your school supplies, add one more thing. I strongly encourage my students to get a lesson/practice notebook. I have been playing professionally for almost 40 years and I still keep a practice notebook!  And don’t forget, “WORK HARD, BE NICE!”

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